Masood Kohari is amongst the senior-most living legends of Pakistan. He enjoys international repute as an artist per excellence. His diverse oeuvre - sketches, paintings, sculptures and paintings on glass is a remarkable contribution to the realm of plastic arts.

Masood is a perfectionist to the core who has the ability to fashion any material he chooses to work in, into a masterpiece. He lives between France and Pakistan and has a following on both continents. He has played an instrumental role in bridging the divide between East and West by promoting a softer image of Pakistan, internationally. He is an "Ustad" in the true Eastern tradition wh shares and guides, inspires, and informs students and scholars alike. 

Tauqeer Nasir

Chief Executive /DG



Studied drawing and painting for a diploma,

Sindh Board of Education, Karachi.


Studied at the central Institute of Arts & Crafts, Karachi.


Participated in a Painting Exhibition

at Alliance Francaise.

Participated in the R.C.D international Biennale, Tehran, Iran.


Participated in a group show at Pak-American Cultural Centre, Karachi.

Participated in National Exhibition at Alhamra, organised by PNCA, Islamabad.

Participated in the First Anniversary Exhibition at Contemporary Art Gallery, Rawalpindi.

Works shown at Women's international Club, Karachi.


Participated in National Exhibition at Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore.

Participated in the painting Exhibition (East Pak Relief Fund) at the Arts Council, Karachi.

Works shown at Nazrul Academy, Karachi.

Works shown at Fourteen Young Artists Exhibition at Contemporary Art Gallery, Rawalpindi.


Works shown in a Painting & Sculpture Show at Pakistan Arts Council, Karachi.

Awarded 2nd Prize in Oil Painting by Nazrul Academy, Karachi.

Works shown at the United States Information Centre, Hyderabad and at Pak-American Cultural Centre, Karachi.


Participated in Two Person Exhibition at the Alliance Francaise, Karachi.

Three Painters Show at Pak-American Cultural Centre, Karachi. 

Commonwealth Painting Exhibition, London.

5th Regional Biennale, Tehran, Iran.


Works shown at Gallery Co-Op, Rawalpindi.


Works shown at Pakistan Arts Council, Karachi.

Participated in the first major exhibition "An Introduction to Ceramics as a medium of Expression" Karachi Arts Council.

Commissioned to make a Ceramic Mural for the United Bank Ltd., Rawalpindi.


Left for France.

Join L'Ecole des Beaux Arts.

Held first one-man exhibition of reliefs and Collages at Gallerie Mur du Nomade, Paris.


Exhibition at Galarie Simone Badinier, Paris, France. 

Works shown at Galerie Bernheim Jeune, Paris, France.

Works shown at Sale des Fete,s, Yerville, France XXVIIIe Salon Populiste, Paris.

Exhibition at Salon des Artistes Francaise, Paris.

Awarded Diploma in Ceramics with "Mention Honorable" at Salon de Artists Francaise, Paris.

Work shown Gallerie Saint Honore Prix Emile Bernard.


Works shown at Salon des Artistes Libers, Paris.

Works shown at Salon des Artistes Independents, Paris.


Exhibition at Indus Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan.

Works shown at Galerie Cornaillr, Rouen, France.


Returned to Gujranwala, Pakistan and worked with the local potters. Used different non-ceramic materials combining Clay, glass and glazes resulting in ceramic Collages called "Fire Paintings.


Participated in 13th Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazil.

Works shown at Atelier B M, Karachi

Works shown in the National Exhibition in Islamabad organised by the Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Islamabad.

Awarded "Shakir Ali Award"

Won the 1st Prize for ceramic sculptures in the National Exhibition, Islamabad.